Choosing a Vaastu consultant is as important as choosing any other professional be it a doctor, interior designer, business consultant etc.

The consultant should be knowledgeable and should have a good hold of the subject. It is therefore important that the consultant has a formal training at a school as well as experience.

A good consultant works methodically and is always available to clear your doubts and provide support.
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What is Vastu: Vastu is an ancient science of building structures based on the study of directions and the laws of nature. It combines these two important aspects and accordingly aligns a property to draw the maximum benefits for the inhabitants. Though vastu was essentially restricted to building temples however in the later decades it was used to build all kinds of properties or structures. A proper knowledge of the gravitational field, the magnetic field, velocity of winds and the ultraviolet rays helps in designing structures that are full of positive energy and therefore form a protective shield which helps in the growth of the inhabitants. Vastu has nothing to do with any religion or religious belief.

How Vastu Works: Vastu works on a simple philosophy of treating the house like a human body. A healthy body and mind reaps good and positive results. There is clarity of thought and therefore the body works with full energy and vitality. On the other hand an ailing body which does not have any energy or strength and is dependent upon medication can hardly function properly. A house or a structure built according to Vastu principles is healthy and produces positive results. It protects its inhabitants and brings all round growth. Therefore it is imperative that the foundations of any structure should be strong and healthy. If the structure is not built keeping vastu principles in mind it will degenerate bringing all kinds of miseries and afflictions.

Vastu Drishti and Vastu: Vaastu Drishti believes in providing proper vastu guidance and helping people overcome their problems. The knowledge and experience of Vastu garnered over the years should be utilized in spreading awareness about the benefits of vastu and building structures that are beneficial for the coming generations. Vaastu Drishti has been engaged since 2003 in studying various structures with regards to vastu defects and rectifying them. A deep and proper understanding of the subject has helped in the correction of vastu defects and in turn helped the inmates enjoy a peaceful, stable and positive life. Vaastu Drishti has a vast experience in the field of vastu, has worked in designing various vastu compliant structures, rectified already built structures and used the knowledge of vastu to even cure sick and ailing structures.