Choosing a Vaastu consultant is as important as choosing any other professional be it a doctor, interior designer, business consultant etc.

The consultant should be knowledgeable and should have a good hold of the subject. It is therefore important that the consultant has a formal training at a school as well as experience.

A good consultant works methodically and is always available to clear your doubts and provide support.
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To dowse is to search, with the aid of simple hand held tools or instruments, for that which is otherwise hidden from view or knowledge. Traditionally dowsing has been a method of ‘divining’ or looking for underground sources of water (and often oil). But dowsing isn’t just about finding water or oil. It can be applied to searches for a great number of things. It is a method of finding answers or objects or energy fields as indicated by the movement of a device such as Angle rods, V rod, Wand or a Pendulum.


Dowsing in Vastu is used to detect the negative energy sources. Dowsing can be used to detect unhealthy sources of radiations which cause illness and other blockages in our day to day life. Dowsing can be used to determine if a land is healthy or not for building a structure and also for determining the level of negative energy in already built structures. If a person cannot sleep well or wakes up every morning with a headache or some other problem it means that the place where he is sleeping is emitting negative energy or radiations. Dowsing helps identify such spots.


Vaastu Drishti combines dowsing with vastu to study the energy field in a property. Angle rods are used to determine the energy fields and areas low on positive energy. A negative energy field can be caused due to sewer lines, electrical wiring, gas pipes and earth radiations. This is also known as geopathic stress. Geopathic Stress or a negative energy field can have a negative impact on people and affect their day to day life in terms of unstable finances, dented relationships, poor career growth , low immunity levels leading to health problems and other important aspects.

Vaastu Drishti offers space cleaning or cleaning a property of any negative radiations through dowsing and offers cures depending upon the intensity of negative energy.