Choosing a Vaastu consultant is as important as choosing any other professional be it a doctor, interior designer, business consultant etc.

The consultant should be knowledgeable and should have a good hold of the subject. It is therefore important that the consultant has a formal training at a school as well as experience.

A good consultant works methodically and is always available to clear your doubts and provide support.
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I’m a professionally trained Vastu consultant and have been practicing since 2003. I have worked on residential, commercial, institutional and corporate projects. I follow a methodical, process based on detailed study of the property. I have worked on all kinds of properties and have vast experience in the subject.

I also do dowsing where I use 2 copper rods to check for the positive or negative vibrations within a property. It shows the occupants how an unkempt, cluttered and gadget loaded room can interfere with the positive flow of energies.

I use Fengshui principals to cleanse a space and to increase positivity in a property. When structural changes are not possible Fengshui helps in giving a boost to the flow of energy within a property. Proper placement of furniture, colors, décor, plants etc. helps the inmates in reducing negative energy around them.

Hindu Vedic astrology helps in understanding the movement of planets and their effects on an individual. The study of Astrology has helped me guide people about their ongoing circumstances as well as how to cope with troubled times. Astrology helps in throwing light on various aspects of an individual’s life path. I also combine Astrology with Vastu where a comprehensive analysis is required.

The study of thee four subjects act like four pillars and has helped me achieve a high degree of success rate. It has helped my corporate clients achieve stupendous turnovers, institutional clients like schools have benefited by getting recognition and fame, residential clients have benefited by choosing the correct property or correcting their existing property and achieve good health, peace and prosperity. I am currently based out of Denver, USA but provide both online and on site consultations.

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