Choosing a Vaastu consultant is as important as choosing any other professional be it a doctor, interior designer, business consultant etc.

The consultant should be knowledgeable and should have a good hold of the subject. It is therefore important that the consultant has a formal training at a school as well as experience.

A good consultant works methodically and is always available to clear your doubts and provide support.
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Hindu astrology, Indian astrology or the Vedic astrology is an ancient Indian science which studies the planetary positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other important events on earth. The birth chart of an individual forms the road map of his journey on planet earth and can be an incredible tool for self-discovery. Astrology is our only link with the universe and the birth chart is the most important key which can help us in understanding our past, present and future events. Since astrology covers all aspects of our life a birth chart analysis helps in showing us the right direction like a guru or teacher.


While astrology studies the impact of time and placement of planetary positions in an individual’s birth chart, vastu studies the directional strengths and weaknesses of a building and its impact on people residing in that building. The influence of both vastu and astrology is very important on a human beings life. A study of both the sciences can give a complete picture about the challenges or meaningless events occurring in one's life. While vastu gives us knowledge on how to build healthy structures astrology gives us the favorable time and date suitable for an individual to construct or move into the house. Apart from this each direction is associated with a particular planet and therefore when studying or designing a layout according to vastu it is imperative to study the co-relation between the directions, it's corresponding planet and the function of the room. Vastu and astrology helps us in eliminating any blockage or hurdles and paves way for a healthy, happy living.


On the basis of Time, Date and Place of birth of an individual a detailed analysis is conducted. A report is then prepared which defines problem areas, yearly forecast and remedies. The report is helpful in taking important decisions, understanding problematic phases, taking necessary actions and also helps in a better understanding of the various challenges faced by an individual. The report also helps on a psychological level in reducing stress and helps maintain a healthy mental balance.